Ensuring Proper Ventilation of HVAC Systems in Miami-Dade County, Florida

Indoor air quality is a critical factor in the health and wellbeing of homeowners. To ensure that newly installed HVAC systems are adequately ventilated, Miami-Dade County has put in place a series of regulations and permits. Homeowners must follow the installation instructions of the manufacturer and comply with the terms and conditions of the county's aerial construction permit. The Miami-Dade County air operation permit is mandatory for any source of air pollution subsequent to construction or modification of the facility.

To address the unique practice of installing HVAC ducts in prefabricated houses, table 460.103 requires the installation of insulation to maintain permanent contact with the bottom of the rugged platform on which the finished floor, floor material, or carpet is placed. Manufacturers must install service water heating systems in accordance with the installation instructions of the service water heating system manufacturer. In addition, manufacturers must install insulation in accordance with the insulation manufacturer's installation instructions and the instructions listed in table 460.103. Blocks that are installed in narrow cavities must be cut to fit or filled with an insulating material that, once installed, is easily adapted to the space available in the cavities. The facility must apply for and receive an aerial operation permit from the county before the county's aerial construction permit expires for normal operation. Miami-Dade County offers the Air Quality Notification Service, which homeowners can customize to their own needs, allowing them to protect their health and that of their family.

By following these guidelines, homeowners can guarantee that their newly installed HVAC systems are properly ventilated and meet all requirements set forth by Miami-Dade County.